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    Guangzhou Eagle Electronics Co.,Ltd.

  • TEl:+86-18520752552
  • Address:1-2#,Longhu North Road,Baiyun District Guangzhou China
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Guangzhou Eagle Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional stage lighting equipment manufacturer with professional technology and talents to produce high quality products for customers.
Eagle Electronics was established in 2008, has many years of market experience, and meticulous service to our customers.
In recent years, Eagle Electronics has more and more customers in overseas markets and we will continue to serve customers with gratitude.
The company's products are moving head lights, LED moving head lights, stage lights, LED displays, video dance floor, laser lights, track lights, scanning lights, strobe lights, outdoor lights,computer consoles, etc.
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Tel:+86-18520752552   Address:1-2#,Longhu North Road,Baiyun District Guangzhou China